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October 13, 2014 posted by Sean Gill

Shining A New Light on Financial Data

It’s election season, and television brings a seemingly inexhaustible supply of campaign ads. Yet, if there is one issue on which it seems every candidate agrees, it is that government must be made more efficient.  Read More»

October 02, 2014 posted by Tracey Weinstein and Sean Gill

How Do We Measure the “Health” of the Charter School Movement?

We know from our own experience that anytime an advocacy organization releases a report ranking states, it is bound to drive debate and discussion.  Read More»

September 23, 2014 posted by Chad Aldeman

Not All 401(k) Plans Are Created Equal

My colleague Jason Weeby asked me what I thought of a Michigan legislator's plan to close the state's current retirement plan and instead offer all new teachers a 401(k)-style plan.  Read More»

September 09, 2014 posted by Tracey Weinstein

A Balanced Path Forward for Making Tenure Meaningful

Ever since a California judge struck down the state’s tenure, layoff, and dismissal statutes in the Vergara v. California decision, the rhetoric surrounding these policies across the country has seemed awfully polarized.  Read More»

August 21, 2014 posted by Jacob Waters

Working Through the Challenges of Reform

High quality assessments are a critical part of an effective education. Data from assessments gives teachers, school leaders, parents, and policymakers the information they need to adjust programs and instruction to ensure that all kids are getting the effective education they deserve. Read More»

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