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October 15, 2014 via wosu.com

House Holds Evening Hearing To Hear From Teachers On Common Core

An Ohio House committee held a rare evening hearing to once again discuss a controversial bill that would repeal the state’s education standards — known as the Common Core. Full article

October 14, 2014 via 10tv

Charter School Opponents Deliver Petitions To Education Officials

COLUMBUS, Ohio - About a dozen people met at the state board of education office to submit petitions demanding an investigation into charter schools on everything from costs of their leases to misconduct by teachers and administrators. Full article

October 3, 2014 via OSU.edu

Parent trigger on All Sides with Ann Fisher.

Full article

October 1, 2014 via The Columbus Dispatch

Website compares Ohio charter schools, districts

Noting the current difficulty in finding information about charter schools and how they compare with traditional Ohio public schools, a progressive policy-research group and the state’s largest teachers union teamed up to create a website that allows for quick comparisons. Full article

September 27, 2014 via The Columbus Dispatch

Law puts parents in charge of reshaping failed schools

StudentsFirst has a core mission that’s rooted in the belief that all kids should have the opportunity to attend a great school with effective teachers. Unfortunately, the report cards just released by the Ohio Department of Education tell us that some public schools (both traditional and charter) are struggling. Full article

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October 2, 2014 posted by Marshay Strong

StudentsFirst Academy Teacher: Education Reform Can Help Close the Achievement Gap.

In my senior year of undergraduate schooling, I decided that I no longer wanted to become an accountant; I wanted to become a teacher. Read more

September 22, 2014 posted by Gautham Kaveti

Why I Became an Academy Teacher with StudentsFirst Ohio

Being a teacher was not a dream of mine in elementary school. It wasn’t on my radar in high school. Nor was it a focus of mine in college. Read more

May 20, 2014 posted by Claire Powell

60 years Later – Where are we now?

As we reflect on the historic Brown v. Board of Education desegregation ruling, it’s important to consider our progress towards improving education. As an educator and a baby boomer, our progress on the 60th anniversary of this momentous occasion gives me great pause. Read more

Read more

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